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Those cliche movies and self-help books that constantly advise you to “find your happy place” rarely tell you that this abstract place could be your own mind. In fact, it is much more common to encounter the notion that your … Continue reading

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It’s Happening!

I’m back! I’m making a comeback!  I’m attempting to make a comeback! I’M BACK. Well, not just yet, but pretty much. That’s right! My hiatus has come to an end, and I am planning on getting into a regular posting … Continue reading

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Cuddling With Wordpress

Literally, we’re keeping each other warm right now. This is a short appreciation post for all the times WordPress, and its lovely bloggers, have kept me thoroughly entertained, informed, and just happy. That I can scroll through my Reader or … Continue reading

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The Thing About Friendships.

Well, I guess the obvious “thing” about friendships is that there really isn’t just one thing. Just the word friendship holds so much meaning- so many sentiments and memories and… assholes.  And although it’s true that you live and you learn, I … Continue reading

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