7th day of the 30 day blogging challenge

Somewhere you’d like to move or visit

The moving part of this question is difficult. I don’t really have anything that draws me to any particular country very strongly, so I would probably only move somewhere for a job that I really wanted or schooling or something. I really want to live in Paris and experience it, for a little while at least. I don’t really have a “home” country or town or anything like that, home is where my parents are, where I’ve lived in the past, where the rest of my family is… so that makes it a little complicated. So yeah, I don’t know. I’d love to visit a lot of places though; I wanna go back to Sudan for some time, the social environment there is unparalleled. I want to go to England and Ireland, to visit my two best friends and experience their respective cities. I want to go to Turkey too. Maybe Brazil? A pit stop in Maui? Seychelles? Anywhere that’s above -30 degrees???

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