30 day blogging challenge: day 5

Top 5 favourite foods

Another difficult prompt. My preference for food is always dependent on my mood, the weather, where I am etc. So, I’ll just list some foods that I’ve always really liked.

1) chocolate. chip. cookies.
there’s a specific kind, though. I really hate Chips Ahoy. Right now I’m a huge fan of President’s Choice “The Decadent Chocolate Chip Cookie”. I’m actually having some right now.

This is one of my FAVOURITE desserts of ALL time.

3) Burgers
I love cheeseburgers or chicken burgers. I rarely say no to burgers.

4) Samosas
But really crunchy ones with few potatoes. My mom makes the best ones.

5) Oranges
This is a tricky one, cuz bad oranges are really bad. BUT, those perfect oranges that are the right mix of juicy and sweet are definitely of my favourite things to eat.

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