Sunday Update: Stress, time crunch, and online randomness

A shitty title. I know.

Monday was my birthday; my roommates got me a cake at 12 AM which was incredibly sweet, I did a bit of shopping, and some people came over. The rest of the day was class and studying.
Tuesday was a trip for my lab at a lake, more class, and more studying. The rest of the week followed a similar pattern.
Today (Sunday) was my brother’s birthday, and although I had a rough start (thank you, alarm, for not ringing) (… okay so maybe I turned it off half-consciously, but still) I managed to get him a cake and make him a birthday breakfast. The rest of the day involved studying (and not-so-much studying).

Hopefully this all pays off for my midterm this Wednesday. I’m extremely nervous. I hope I can build my confidence up by Wednesday. If not, I’m sure I could purchase some on Ebay…

I did a bit of reflection on some weirdness that’s been happening too, it’s led me to a question. What’s the reason behind people (I mean boys) randomly messaging a person (I mean me) just to say hi? And the more important question that arises, why is this not happening enough in real life? Ha.

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