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Sunday Update: Stress, time crunch, and online randomness

A shitty title. I know. Monday was my birthday; my roommates got me a cake at 12 AM which was incredibly sweet, I did a bit of shopping, and some people came over. The rest of the day was class … Continue reading

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First Impressions & Self Consciousness

Happy Sunday, also known as day before my birthday, day! Sometimes, I break out in a small case of hives just by walking down a crowded hallway at school. (I’m getting a lot better with this, as you eventually realize … Continue reading

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It’s Happening!

I’m back! I’m making a comeback!  I’m attempting to make a comeback! I’M BACK. Well, not just yet, but pretty much. That’s right! My hiatus has come to an end, and I am planning on getting into a regular posting … Continue reading

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