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How to be a First Grader

In a short period of three hours, one of my kids at work went from asking me to help him paint a cloud to threatening that he would “body” me. Three hours. He’s 6, and I always forget it.  This incident, among … Continue reading

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Link of the day

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Nooses Out Of Vines (Where I’m from)

Some make nooses out of vines,where I’m from,blades out of beaks out of birds that have died.Some make homes out of dirt, where I’m from,dress in rags, no shirts, or pricey bright ties.Some make life out of hell, where I’m from,and use … Continue reading

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Only if You Have Your Shit Together

Assuming I had a huge line up of people awaiting a coveted spot in my literal contact list, I would base my selectivity on one requirement: having your shit together. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t like to really … Continue reading

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