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What is Being Overwhelmingly Ignored in One Direction’s Leaked Video Scandal Speaks a Larger Message.

Over 400 related web articles, I think, surfaced over the span of 24 hours after the leakage of a video on the Daily Mail’s website that showed One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik apparently blatantly engaging in not-so-legal activities, perpetuating … Continue reading

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I’m Afraid of Peaks

Peak: The highest point. The only thing scarier than the literal meaning of a peak is the figurative one, and, to me at least, that literal meaning is no joke. My most vivid shitting-my-pants memory of dealing with heights comes … Continue reading

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An Interview with: tryingnovelty

Originally posted on Mary's Average Adventures:
A post or two ago I asked if anyone would be willing to, and Hiba from tryingnovelty responded. Hiba is the youngest of four, two brothers and a sister, and I’m glad she responded…

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To the Wannabe Editor in Chief of my LIFE that Resides in my Brain, Shut the %*$! Up.

I think the most annoying thing about you is that you don’t even have a freaking voice. You just buzz, silently. You infiltrate every empty corner of my head to announce your presence. Once you silence my victimized mind, you … Continue reading

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Why We Like Fresh Starts

To this very day, whenever someone says “that’s so you” or tells me what my personality is like, I feel a bit weird. Cause it is weird, having someone tell you who you are.. isn’t it? I feel like it sets imaginary constraints … Continue reading

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The Thing About Friendships.

Well, I guess the obvious “thing” about friendships is that there really isn’t just one thing. Just the word friendship holds so much meaning- so many sentiments and memories and… assholes.  And although it’s true that you live and you learn, I … Continue reading

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